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I love writing about traveling, online business, faith, children, and many more. I am a stay-at-home mom and curently learn about blogging. I live in Indonesia, one of the beautiful country in South East Asia with warm and tropical weather and friendly people. I love to learn and make friends  with other hubbers.

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I love writing about my country, the people, the cultures, the dishes, and interesting places. 

Indonesian Heritages like :

Tari Pendet



Indonesian Cultures :

Christmas in Indonesia

Thanksgiving in Indonesia

Chinese New Year in Indonesia

Indonesian Dishes :

Konro Soup

Gulai Ayam

Eastern Indonesia Series :


Inspirational People :


Anne Avantie

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  • 9

    Red Eared Slider The Exotic Pet

    3 years ago

    What I love most of the red-eared sliders (RES) are their beautiful color and different stripes of each RES. Their scientific's name is Chrysemys scripta elegans (or formerly Trachemys scripta elegans). Its origin is...

  • 10

    Homemade Mother's Day Scrapbooking Ideas

    7 months ago

    Mother's Day in Indonesia (Mother's Day = Hari Ibu) is different from Mother's Day that is usually celebrated by people in Europe or USA and most of people in the world. Indonesian Mother's Day is at December 22. We...

  • 17

    History of Sandals

    2 years ago

    Living in a tropical country makes me more prefer wearing sandals. It's more comfortable, light, and cool. I used to wear stylish sandals for outdoor activities and rubber sandals when I'm home. Most tropical people...

  • 20

    Baker King Kim Tak Goo - A Story about Bread, Love, and Dreams

    2 years ago

    Also known as Jeppangwang Kim Tak Goo. Genre : Romance, Family Episode : 30 Broadcast Network : KBS2, From June 2009 to October 2010 Director : Han Joon Seo Scriptwriter : Kang Eun Kyung Main Cast Yoon Shi Yoon as Kim...

  • 12

    Kampung Gajah A New Attraction in Bandung West Java Indonesia

    4 years ago

    There is a new culinary and family recreation in my town, Bandung. The name is Kampung Gajah or Elephant Village. But, there is no elephant whatsoever here, it's just a name after all :). Located in Sersan Bajuri...

  • 14

    Popular Factory Outlets in Bandung West Java Indonesia

    3 years ago

    One thing that most popular in Bandung-West Java, Indonesia is the numerous factory outlets that is spread throughout the city. Those factory outlets sell many kind of fashion products, bags, shoes, accessories, belts,...

  • 3

    How to Choose Digital Hearing Aids

    3 years ago

    Hearing aid is an electronic device to help people with poor hearing or loss hearing. It amplifies sound from outside to compensate for poor hearing. Hearing aid is not restore the damaged hearing back to normal and not...

  • 18

    Visiting Solo, Central Java Indonesia

    7 weeks ago

    There is no place like your own hometown. Solo will always be my favorite destination for holiday. You will always come back to your hometown, visiting families, relatives, hanging out with old buddies, visiting local...

  • 14

    How To Make Prawn and Fish Stock

    3 years ago

    There are several ways to make a delicious prawn stock. I love prawn stock because it taste more delicious and rich than other stocks. Actually, the way I consume prawn is different from other, especially from the...

  • 21

    Forbidden Rice Benefits

    3 years ago

    If I think about the word forbidden..I just think about fruit and city but now I learn about the other forbidden thing, the forbidden rice. Actually, this kind of rice is pretty easy to find in my country. It's called...

  • 11

    Father's Day in Asia

    3 years ago

    "Honor thy father and thy mother." -- Matthew 19:19 I like the idea of celebrating the Father's Day, even if there is no official Father's Day date in my country (Indonesia). We just celebrate the Mother's...

  • 41

    Dong Yi - MBC Korean Historical Drama

    2 years ago

    MBC Korea has one new Saeguk (Historical) drama series. The title is "Dong Yi". This series replace "Pasta" and "The Great Queen Seon Deok". Directed by Mr. Lee Byung Hoon who had been...

  • 30

    Anne Avantie Best Indonesian Female Kebaya Designer

    4 years ago

    "If I walk, I hope my footsteps won't be erased just like that... I want many other footsteps will follow mine !" Anne Avantie What is Kebaya ? Kebaya is a traditional blouse worn by Indonesian and Malaysian...

  • 8

    Common Tropical Diseases in Indonesia

    5 years ago

    I live in Indonesia the tropical country in South East Asia with two basic seasons : dry and wet. Dry season begins from May to October and wet season begins from November to April. In wet season Indonesia will...

  • 9

    Top Five Irish Traditional Foods

    4 years ago

    I love celebration and holiday! I'm sure everybody does. And on this St. Patrick's Day, what else attract my attention most instead of the foods ? I love holiday foods, because it's special and seem more delicious than...

  • 14

    The Traditional Dishes for Chinese New Year in Indonesia

    3 years ago

    The Chinese New Year will never be complete without the traditional dishes along with it. The ones below are the traditional dishes that usually serve in Indonesian Chinese family during the Chinese new Year, the main...

  • 27

    Consuming Raw Fish Safe or Not

    5 years ago

    I'm not a raw fish eater and this hub is not against raw fish eater and sushi eater. Sushi can contain raw fish but also can contain cooked or otherwise prepared seafood and vegetables. Human being has been eating raw...

  • 8

    Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Butterfly Lover

    3 months ago

    Valentine's day is right on the corner and we may still don't find any suitable gifts for our loved ones, or friends, or family. I have some ideas about Valentine's gifts especially for butterfly lover. Butterfly is a...

  • 46

    Jumong one of The Best Historical Korean Drama

    2 years ago

    After watching some of Korean's Saeguk Dramas like Jewel in The Palace and The Great Queen Seon Deok, I've learned many things, like how Korean people really admire their history and culture that finally made me a total...

  • 14

    Figure Skating Equipments

    3 years ago

    Finding the right figure skating equipment is important for figure skaters. Sometime finding quality figure skating apparel and ice skating accessories can be difficult. I love watching figure skating performances in TV...

  • 23

    Sunglasses and Face Shapes

    4 years ago

    Many people are not confidence to wear sunglasses, or worry if their face is look more serious like a book nerd :) This is caused by many people are not really sure how to choose the right sunglasses for them. To find...

  • 68

    New Hairstyles For Women in 2010

    3 years ago

    Each time we enter a New Year we will find a new style especially in the world of beauty and fashion. This time we will find out what the new hairstyles for 2010. Next Year hairstyles are how we combine the fashion and...

  • 639

    The Great Queen Seon Deok - The Most Phenomenal Korean Historical Drama in 2009

    2 years ago

    I don't know about you, but in my country there is one Korean Historical drama that really attract many attention lately. That's The Great Queen Seon Deok (Seon Deok Yeo Wang). My national TV that had the broadcast...

  • 5

    Unique Christmas Wreath Ideas

    5 years ago

    We used to hang a beautiful Christmas wreath in the door at Christmas time to welcome the guests. Some said that the origin of Christmas wreath was from the crown of thorns placed on Jesus' head that was made from the...

  • 26

    How to Remove Comedo Instantly

    5 years ago

    Comedones are small-size dirt that plug the pores. Therefore often overlooked when you clean your face. Blackheads black or white. Comedo or blackheads make face look dirty and dull. Comedones appear because of...

  • 13

    What to Wear On New Year's Eve Party

    5 years ago

    New Year's Eve is right in the corner. Parties are going to be held everywhere. From private and casual parties, to formal and corporate level parties. First thing to do is decide what party you'd like to attend for New...

  • 10

    The Implementation of Montessori Concepts for Early Childhood Education

    3 years ago

    Children are not small-size adults. Therefore, they have to be treated in accordance with their stages of development. Many examples showing how the parents and community in general not treat the children according...

  • 14

    New Year's Celebrations in Indonesia

    3 years ago

    Most of Indonesian people celebrate the New Year's eve with city convoy by cars and motorcycles. New Year is not celebrated as big as Idul Fitri in Indonesia. Most of Indonesian people are still working on New Year's...

  • 6

    Edible and Unique Wedding Favors

    3 months ago

    Wedding favors are not the main part of a wedding party and not the most important thing too, but wedding favor could be a reminder for the guests of the couple. Sending our guests home with a little something is a...

  • 16

    Indonesian Thanksgiving Traditions

    7 months ago

    Indonesia has many tribes. I am serious, there are hundreds of tribes and thousands of sub-tribes. Very rich in cultures and traditions. Like me, if someone ask me : What tribe are you ? I prefer to answer I'm a Java...

  • 19

    Chung Ch'ui The Chinese Thanksgiving Festival

    3 years ago

    Thanksgiving is a special day. On that day, people usually give thank and praise God for His mercy and kindness throughout the year. People will give thank for God's blessing and presented their harvest with a grateful...

  • 9

    Coolest Bratz Dolls for Holiday Gifts

    15 months ago

    The coolest and funky fashion Bratz dolls from MGA Entertainment have really become a hit with all the young girls today! Very fashionable and trendy, these dolls are for the in crowd! Bratz dolls are great holiday...

  • 40

    10 Natural Skin Care For Acne

    2 years ago

    Acne can be very annoying. I had a few ones sometime and they will disappear in few days. But for some women, acne especially on the face could be a very serious problem. Acne could cause infection of the skin surface...

  • 9

    Birthday Gemstones Gift Ideas

    5 years ago

    A  gemstone / birth stone is a collective term for all ornamental stones that possess attributes like beauty, rarity, durability. I like gemstones because they are so gorgeous, colorful, exquisite, and elegance....

  • 10

    Sasando a Traditional Music Instrument from Rote - Indonesian Heritage Series

    5 years ago

    Sasando is a stringed musical instrument or cordophone type musical instrument. It comes from the island of Rote, East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia. The most southern island in Indonesia archipelago. (My father in law was...

  • 7

    Angklung - Indonesian Heritage Series

    4 years ago

    Angklung is a traditional music instrument that made from raw materials called bamboo which is the way in jolty (noise caused by the body of bamboo pipes) so that the sound vibrate in the order of tone 2, 3, 4 in the...

  • 26

    Tari Pendet a Traditional Dance from Bali Indonesia - The Indonesian Heritage Series

    4 years ago

    Tari Pendet or Pendet Dance is a traditional dance from Bali Indonesia that was originally a dance of religious worship. Tari Pendet is used to play in a Hindu's Temple in Bali. This dance symbolizes the reception on...

  • 15

    Best Healthy Food to Prevent Hypertension

    2 months ago

    Hypertension is one of the factor that indicated of heart disease. Hypertension can arise due aterosklerosis and the arterial tension, which can cause blood vessel stoppage. Tension on the arterial can be controlled by...

  • 23

    Here Are the 25 Ways To Make People Smile Instantly

    6 years ago

    Smiling is a great way to build a connection among people. It's like a bridge between two hearts. Smiling also the simplest, easiest, and cheapest way of improving our looks and even moods. The fact is it takes only 17...

  • 3

    How to Arrange a Memorable 50th Birthday Party

    5 years ago

    Birthday is always special for every person, from the first birthday to golden age birthday (50th, 60th, ...100th birthday, etc). It is a special moment that has to be celebrated. For parents who have kids at todler...

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